Judging underway for the Rethink Prize

by Lex Bayer,Dec 09, 2014

It’s been fascinating reading and sorting through the 2800 entries submitted to the Rethink Prize



Cheri MacLean 8 years  ago

By automatically substituting the existing 10 for a new 10, we equated Atheism with Deism. My personal code only has 7; I’m guessing there are others whose personal code has plus or minus 10? Thinking outside the box is good; thinking outside the octagon – even better.


Michael Marr 8 years  ago

Eager to see the results!


Laurie Purdy Middendorf 8 years  ago

I am waiting anxiously for the results. Congratulations to those who win! I wish you would at least send an email acknowledging our submissions so we would know you could contact us in the event of being a finalist.


Katya Yanez 8 years  ago

Can’t wait!!!